who are the better superheroes and why? Marvel superheroes or DC superheroes?

I'm partial to Marvel Comics superheroes, but I do like batman and the flash.
  • marvel (xmen, avengers, Spider-Man, etc)
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  • D.C. (superman, batman, green lantern etc)
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  • both
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  • neither
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  • other
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  • Gosh I guess it really depends. I mean who's directing the films? As for Batman, I thing think the first movies were the best... with Michael Keaton. The bad guys always died with him.

    • To make a long story short, the best super heroes don't put the bad guy in jail, they get rid of them permanently.

    • Amen to that. Thats what I never understood about batman. Why constantly put these dudes in jail and they break out monthly and almost kill you all the damn time , but you're so nice you never finish the job wtf

    • The cartoons were even worse, batman there actually condemned even using a gun. He condemned the killing or even slightly injuring the bad guys.

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  • This question is very easy.
    The answer is Marvel. They easily have the better superheroes. Just take a look at Spiderman, Avengers and Ironman.


    You know who can make a better movie? ;)
    Marvel movies suck, i hope the latest spiderman changes my mind.

    • Have you watched the newer spiderman movies? I only have the ones with Toby Maguire in them. I wonder if they started over like superman or just went with a different actor.

  • As far as the most powerful super hero's go I would say super man and wolverine as my personal favorite superman since he is from kansas and I actually like in the town that super mans home town was based off of Hutchinson Kansas. Wolverine would come in a close second just because I find myself sort of like him in a couple of ways and his powers and story are really cool.


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