Am I considered "fake looking"?

People say that the Bleached blonde hair is fake and unattractive. mostly with the orange tans. I have very light skin and naturally light blonde hair. I dyed my hair black once and I don't remember if I liked it. but now its bleach blonde and everyone tells me it looks good on me because I'm so light skinned and it goes with my kind of emo rocker style. and I'm not a bimbo, I don't want big fake boobs. I had big boobs and got them reduced. I don't wear skanky clothes and I don't wear a lot a lot of dark makeup around my eyes but I do wear some to make them seem smaller (my eyes are soo big). I need to know what I really look like in other peoples eyes. don't be afraid to be honest.would boys prefer bleach blonde with light skin or jet black with light skin? i feel like id look like a vampire with black hair


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  • No don't stress over it.

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