A cute thing to do for a nice girl?

There is a girl I like and she like me too. Were not technically going out, but I want to say or do something for her. Something she'll really appreciate!


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  • i think something any girl would appreciate is just the small little extra things, like encouraging her with things. always being there for her, for example if she has an exam or something text her or call her before hand and wish her good luck! or randomly call her or text her to let her no your thinking of her. for me I like it when guys are a little extra affectionate when we hangout. it means they missed you and were looking forward to seeing you again. another thing you could do is just support her :) anything you do she will appreciate


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  • i think that you should just tell her your feelings ,

    in girl world that's the best gift and by feelings I

    don't mean that you like her . tell her why you like her

    and how she makes you feel(: but don't make it sound

    creepy , haha . tell it to her in an act of suprise , she'll

    love it and be flattered(:

    hope I helped !

  • don't you wanna ask her out? send her flowers with a card with your name on it. or, get her something that really reminds you of her, then give it to her with a card saying: it reminded me of you. She'll love the fact that you were thinking about her and that you remembered her. also you can make her happy by calling her and saying, her I was just thinking about you so I thought I should call you

    hope this works :)


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