I need a new style for college, girls help please!


I'll be going to college in September and right now I don't have much clothes so I was wondering, what do you like to see a guy wear?

Like what brands/colors, etc.

As much info would be great so I know what to buy.

How is aeropotale?



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  • Have you looked in fashion magazines or online for guys fashion? Do you like any male celebrity

    style? Or do you prefer rock star, bad boy, cute boy, classy style?

    I don't think you need girls help about the style - everyone will tell you what they like, but will you

    be comfortable with it? And even if you are, there will be other girls who dislike the style you


    Just a little research on your own (for example here link ) will

    be very helpful and it's good to be updated about latest collections in the shops, especially

    the ones you like. And maybe there is a friend of yours or just a guy who's style you like and

    you could copy a little bit of that and add something from yourself.

    There are too many girls in the world and you can't really create a style to please each one of

    them. And confidence of wearing the clothes is more attractive than just good clothes.


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  • Mossimo Dutti, This company creats a very elegant and sexy style for men. check out their website online. also Lacoste and Raulph Lauren are also great. By this I don't mean that you have to buy their products to look stylish, just see their style and get ideas, you can find the same products with other brands too. from middle class brands I can suggest ZARA.

    • What colors and patterns look good?

    • Depends on your complexion. just go to their websites and see what is a la mode!

  • ummmm I cringed when you said aeropostale, no offense, its just you don't want to be a walking advertisement. and all of their clothes have it plastered on the front (I really don't like that but if you do, go ahead) What you really need to do is go into some stores recommended by people and see what you like. Pick something up you like and ask a salesperson about it or someone. No one can really tell you what to wear or you will be uncomfortable. But ya one tip no aeropostale.

    • So what is one brand you do recomeend?

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    • Then what do you think would be good for college?

    • Probably jcrew and american eagle like I said

  • I like guys in faded jeans and a button up shirt its hot!

    • Any pictures so I can mimic that for what I buy?

      Do you think a buttoned down shirt is good to wear to class or around town or is that too formal?

      Also what type of button down shirt; plain/patterned/plaid?

    • Its not too formal unless you wear slacks. short sleeved is good or you can roll up the cuffs. I like plain white or black even blue . If there is some pattern like a few stripes or even an image that's good

    • What about those retro plaid shirts?

  • i personally like it when guys wear baggy trousers lol...or even jeans sometimes

    a nice shirt...i like guy with blue eyes ...they loook good in white shirts and blue ones...

    hmm...no dum adult looking shoes...trainers or something..

    also..just so you know...a good belt..with a nice buckle wil get a girls attention...and she'll check you out

    • Well I have brown eyes and black hair, what can you reccomend?

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  • I like how the girls tell you how to look and what to wear but none of them tell you to just be yourself.

    Really tells you something about the state of things.

    • Liek what the world has come to...

    • I agree. wear what makes you comfortable. if she doesn't like you for you then she isn't worth it. I wear what I want and it doesn't make any bit of a difference.