Make the silliest face you can (see details)?

If you're feeling particularly daring, post a picture where you made yourself look as attractive as possible, and then one where you make the creepiest/weirdest/silliest/ugliest face. Biggest difference gets best answer. You can post as many as you like :D Here's mine.

Lookin' good:



"Sup babe":


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  • Ahahahahahsuhdkfhsjdflasdjfqeifqflakdsflajsflkflkajf.

    WOW. That was just BEAUTIFUL =D =D I wish I had the confidence to do this..alas, my silliest faces are reserved for kids who won't judge me =P

    I LOVELOVELOVE the Creepin' one... cannot stop laughing =D


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  • I wish I wasn't too lazy to take the time to answer this question because I could see that it would be a lot of fun. Props to you for doing that though.

    • Lol, I just wanted something to show up on this site that wasn't, "Rate me!!!" or some other run of the mill, generic question.

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  • my faces are 10x better than yours. i shouldn't be proud of that.
    thats why im not posting :3

    im bad enough to do your creepin face when people wake up :p

  • You're super handsome! Even when you're creepin' xD

    • Lol, really? Thanks, I'll bet you're not so bad yourself. Post a few silly pictures, join in on the fun that only three people want to have. XD

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    • Otherwise known as American Internet Ninja problems.

    • Yes, the majestic American ninja...

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