Ladies: What grooming mistakes do men make?

I wanna improve my looks (: im not really that self conscious but i mean who wouldn't wanna look better if they could?(: thanks for answers


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  • Okay first of all if you want to improve your looks this is my standpoint it's pretty basic:

    I really can't talk because I need to do loads of improvement but if you want girls to be attracted to you this is what you gotta do:

    1. Keep your hair short -- Yes your personal style is up to you but personally I like guys with normal length hair. It doesn't need to be army short but just don't let it get too long.

    2. Don't grow a beard. Yes some guys are attractive with facial hair but not all are and sometimes it makes guys look cheesier or older than what they really are.

    3. Get in shape. Start lifting weights, going to the gym and show off your muscles with :P gym clothes. I do check guys out lol I like muscles :P

    4. Smile, be a nice guy, be courteous and act like you don't need the girl and girls will be all over you but then again if you act like you need the girl you'll have girls all over you to lol... But make sure you find the right one.

    If you do all those things you'll have better chances oh and shop for clothes that are in. Pick a style you like. Do you like a skater laid back type style? Buy clothes that suit that. Do you like a business professional style? Buy clothes that suit that. Main tip is dress up.

    Also make sure you put effort into your hair and appearance. If you are showing the world that you care what you look like and carry yourself well you'll look more professional. Also get a gym membership and take your health seriously. Most girls like guys who're in shape and most guys like girls who're in shape. There's a reason.

    If you follow those tips you'll have better luck getting the ladies. Trust me! But then after you do all those things you'll have to make sure your communication and flirting skills are up to par. You have to work on yourself as a person :P you can't leave any part out in order to be whole.


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  • I'm a clean guy. I don't shave any body hair, but I do trim my beard and pubes... I don't really care about my hair too much so Ill seriously get a hair cut once a year. and that's at the start of summer (I live in AZ)


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  • If you don't floss or brush your teeth; that to me, will kill everything.

    If you eat and then right after, you still have food in your mouth and on your tongue and you want to kiss me, deeply, forget it!

    Also keep your skin clean, hair clean, and just smell good in general.. not that hard to figure out ;)

    girls want a rugged guy, sure, but we don't want you guys smelling like you just rolled around with dog shit and pig vomit.

  • Clean shaven is good...

    3 days stubble is hot..

    a week of not shaving.. screams hobo

  • Shower everyday, hygiene is important !!! Keep your teeth clean! Keep your hair up to date.. hair cut. & clean clothes. Be fit and healthy, always smile, & be YOU.

  • I cannot even explain to you how important hygiene is.

    Go to a hairstylist and get a haircut that suits you. For me you personally don't have to put anything in your hair, as long as it's not greasy and doesn't smell.

    I love teeth so for me it's very important that you floss and brush them. Also use mouthwash to get the rest out + it just gives you a great breath. +++++

    Shower, and trim armpit hair if it's too long (don't you dare shave it all off). This only applies for some guys, since they maybe have a harsh smell so it sometimes gets stuck in the hair. Anyways if you shower enough and use deodorant it probably doesn't need to get trimmed.

    Also keep your clothes clean and ironed.

    Just as m-Ana say make sure you smell good. Guy perfumes are the best thing ever so invest in a good one.

  • To me, one mistake is shaving everything all the time.
    I like some body hair (chest, arms, armpits, legs), some pubic hair, preferably even some facial hair.
    Completely clean shaven just isn't as sexy to me, but I know I'm in the minority there, haha!

    Stay clean, smell fresh.

    Keep your teeth looking fresh and clean as well. No one wants to make out with someone who even LOOKS like they have bad breath, haha!


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