Does it matter if a lady/guy dresses cute for work? Do you dress cute (attractive) for work?

I work as a barista and at first I started dressing up my hair cute for work evem though it was a struggle due to the uniform and hat. After a month of working there I stopped putting a lot of "effort" I guess, into my appearance when going to work. Now don't me wrong I still make sure my hygiene is A++++++, I.e smelling good, breathe minty fresh, etc. But when it comes to doing my hair, I just hide it under a scarf. I dont wear make up (never have, unless for a wedding ).
I feel better not having to worry about what style I should do next on my hair for work, but lately I've been feeling a bit self conscious because 99% of the woman who work at my job all wear make up, straighten their hair, nails done, coming in in their normal attire before changing into their work attire. While I come in with my work clothes and out the same way. So I feel as If im under dressed haha...

So does it matter if ladies (guys too) dress up for work? Do you view ladies/guys who dont dress all cute for work poorly?
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  • Obviously depends on the job. If you're a tradie, dressing up for work is just stupid; if you have a uniform you obviously have no choice in the matter. But if you work in an office or something along those lines I think it's good to dress up a bit.

    • Good point, but whats a tradie? Haha :c

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    • Oh my gosh, I had a dumb moment phahaha. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • Haha it's all good. I'm Australian and that's just what we call them. I don't know what you guys in the States call them

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  • I like girls that dress cute and actually try. It's kinda hot.


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  • I think it's important. I always dress nice for work, put on make-up and do my hair. There's this saying - dress for a job you want to have, not for the job you have.

  • I dress nice/cute for everything. Makes me feel better and more confident, I don't want to look like I don't care. I represent my work so I want to look good.

  • I do, but I work in an office with a lot of hotties.

  • i do dress up for work but as long as u look presentable thats good enough. if u feel more comfortable going to work in uniform it is fine...dont compare..


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