What do you ladies think of how most males look? Do you think most males are average, below average looking, or good looking?

Tell me what you think about this topic.Your honest opinion.
My question was if you think most guys are average, below average, or good looking.Out of all those three choose one for the majority of men.


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  • I think when I see pictures of them, I found them below average, but if I actually meet them they become above average... :) I care attitude more than actual looks, and attitude has a strong effect on looks.

    • I mean without knowing the person.Like when you go shopping or whatever, the guys you see walking around wherever you are hanging out, etc., do you think most of these guys are average, below average, or good looking?

    • Average I guess :D

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  • I think just like women, majority of men aren't that attractive. Probably only about 30% of guys are hot. and 10% out of those 30% are really hot

    • That didn't answer the question.The question is if you think most guys are below average looking, average, or good looking.

  • They all look the same. Unless they are cuties from a K-pop band, then they are good-looking :)

    • Do you think most guys are average or below average looking? You didn't answer my question.

  • Bell curve. Most men are about average. A smaller amount are on the "attractive" and "unattractive" side. A very small amount are exceptionally ugly or exceptionally handsome. :)


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