Guys do you mind if a girls hair is short or do you prefer long?

My hair is now shorter. Just above shoulder I really like it but I'm thinking will guys still find me attractive.

I get told I have a pretty face, even when I had it really cropped. I always think guys think hair is a womans beauty.

I guess you can have a woman with great hair with an unattractive face. So I'm hoping its not a big deal.

I agree long hair is hot though. Guys do you care?


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  • Well uh... I don't necessarily care persay,

    but i will say this

    To me, only certain females I've seen look good with short hair. most don't. If you look good with the short hair, I won't care. If cutting it to short makes it to where I'm no longer attracted, then I'd care.

    Hope that makes sense.

    And you do have a pretty face


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  • Like any fashion & style question, there is never a right or wrong answer just people's tastes.

    That being said, I'm in the "long hair" camp.
    For me it is a big deal too.

    That is just a style opinion, it of course says nothing about you as a person either way.

  • Long hair. Short hair. as long as it suits you, and compliments your features. It's all good.


  • Less than shoulder length is fine. Actually, I think my favorite hairstyle is the bob.
    Just as long as it isn't too short. Hair does play into attractiveness.

    • I don't think it does but your the guy so thanks for opinion. Someone could have great hair and ugly features

    • If you notice, I didn't say that hair is the main thing or the only thing. I just said that it plays into it, and it certainly does. I don't see how one could debate that.

    • Yeah its not the main thing. A person is either hot or just not!

  • Long... Only long. Short hair sux on women.


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