Blue/grey eyes - eye shadow that best suits them?

- this eye color - what kind of eye shadow color most suits it?

I'm thinking orange, bronze, taupe...

What do you think?


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  • firstly, beautiful colour=]

    second, imma say anything dark and anything cold. what do i mean by this?

    darks: black, dark grey, dark blue, dark purple would look great
    'colds' : white, pale blue, silver, pale pink, pale purple, nudeā€¦ things like that.

    so u want to go for that kind of stuff to accentuate ur eyes as well as ur complexion. hope that helps! xx


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  • Hm I don't particularly like that eyeshadow on her/you. I think it kind of washes out the eye colour. I would agree with the bronze/taupe idea. Try MAC woodwinked eye shadow or if you can't afford to fork out on new eye shadows some of your bronzers might work just to add a wash of colour!

  • yes gold, copper, taupe, even warmer pinks will make your eye color pop, but really any color you want.


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