What do you girls use to fill in your brows?

At the moment I'm using MAC matte eye shadow in omega. My hair looks darker in my picture than it is at the moment and I quite like using this shadow because it's a lighter shade, but I often feel like it is still too dark. What do you girls use and why? Particularly girls with lighter hair but everyone.


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  • Wet n wild color icon brow and eye liner in mink brown

    • What do you like about it compared to other things you've tried?

    • I've tried maybelline and Clinique pencils, along with some powders. It's very creamy before setting so when I fill them in then brush my brows out with a spoolie the lines blend. It's cheap and sharpens easily. And mink brown is the perfect shade for my eyebrows.

    • Cool. I haven't tried that many things but I had an Avon brow pencil which was pretty rubbish. I quite like the powder I use but sometimes it looks a little dark.

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