Am I weird for wearing makeup while playing sports?

I do cheerleading and play volleyball at school and I always wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara when we are at practice and at games. I also wear a bit of powder. Is that normal? Do most girls wear makeup when they play sports?
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  • Why do girls wear makeup? To look theri best. Do they want to look less just because they are playing a sport? That is when everyone is watching them closely. I don't think you are weird for wanting to wear makeup while playing. Just realize a lot of us guys are fine without you looking your best all the time.


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  • Lots of women do so do I can't go out without wearing lipstick , makes you unsatisfied or inscure about your face but not weird


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  • Whoa. My two most favourite sports.

    And why, if they're all girls?


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