Casual hairstyles ideas? Anybody?

I have really long hair they go below my bum and I'm 5"5 ! I don't have bangs or anything coz I'm not allowed to cut my hair! I don't know what to do with my hair the only thing I could do is bun and everyday my mum gets my hair done like puff and bun! Even she does my plait ! Basically I can't style my hair! Have you got any suggestions or like know any hairstyle for really long hair! Please help! :) I'm like 16! Sooo yeah!
P.s I have tried to find it on google! But it's doesn't help! I don't like it in pony coz it's wouldn't look nice !


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  • A long braid?

    When it's that long I don't know. Maybe try a Googilie search hairstyles for really long hair


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  • Half updos are cute like braiding the front of your hair and pulling it back then pinning it. You could do the same with twists. Waterfall French braids are gorgeous. Fishtails are cute on really long hair.


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  • i go on YouTube to find cute tutorials of lots of hair styles!
    my favorite hair channel on YouTube is called : cutegirlshairstyles
    lots of hair ideas!!


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