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Is he playing or does he like me? Guys help me figure this one out please ;)

Ok so here is the deal, known that guy for about 2 years.. We are friends, or we were friends rather now I don't even know anymore..I know he is attracted to me both his words and actions are saying so... I am also attracted to him but he plays the hot and cold game and I am having a very hard time figuring him out.. There was some flirty texting, then we went out with friends a few times and he told me he liked me, I told him I did too (we weren't drunk, buzzed a little) Anyways after the last time that happened he started to ignore me and I was like WTF? we remained in contact, casually talking a few flirty comments but that was it.., never mentionned the I like you you like me too part.. The interest was still there I could see it..

Last time we went out things got a little out of hand, and we ended up making out (didn't have sex though)..He was very sweet, told me how much he liked me again blablabla... And ever since then he is ignoring me again... What does he want from me? I mean if sex is the only thing you want ask for it, no need to go through the trouble of sweet talking someone to then ignore the person the very next day...Guys are sooo confusing

So is he playing, confused or just liks me when he is drunk maybe? I have never had that kind of problem with a guy before, usually they are more all over me than the opposite..

I'm confused :(
Is he playing or does he like me? Guys help me figure this one out please ;)
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