How do I make him forgive me, and leave it off at that?

My boyfriend and I broke up, from his part, because he was honest and told me his feelings for me had changed. I respected the fact that he was being honest and didn't make up some stupid excuse to break up with me. We continued talking afterward, as friends; and even hung out a couple times. Nothing was awkward, just very hurtful seeing him happy and knowing he wasn't mine. But as days went by, he started making plans with me and not keeping them.. I waited for his phone call all night tonight (he was supposed to show up at 7, and leave at 9 - It was 9:30) and I had no news from him! Our conversation went:

Me- "You're a real jerk. You don't make plans with someone if you don't want it to happen. You could've told me you didn't want to see me. I would've took it perfectly fine. You say you hate people who stall and at last minute give you an answer? You're no different. You've hurt me so much over the years, I'm done with your crap. I don't even love you.. That's just the impression you give me when I'm around you. You're a fake, a liar, a promise breaker. I hate how I always manage to come back to you.. It's like you can control me, I don't know how. Sometimes I'm glad to know I'm moving just because I won't see you again and I'll finally forget about you. You make me suffer more than anyone else I know and you don't even know it. It's not just me, It's everyone. You can't keep a relationship. You have so many girls attached to you because you keep the same routine. I hate who you've made me become. Go find someone else to mess with.. Have a nice life.

Him- "Wwow, what a f***ing ass I had to stay late and my phone died and I went all the way to my mom's.. Out of my way to tell you my phone died but since I wasn't a jerk I was going to tell you that I was going to stop by and just go to Kaleb's later.. Whatever be a bitch.. Later"

Me- "Cory, I believe everything you tell me all the time.. I don't even know if you're telling the truth. And if it's true, I'm sorry. If it's not, you get the point."

And it just went on like that.. Arguing. But I hate arguing, and I love him so much, I couldn't help but to apologize to him and tell him how much he meant to me. I hate how he makes me feel! It's like he's a drug I try to push away, and then it makes me more addicted then ever.

Please help me ):


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  • Ok, you need to answer a question first, do you still have feelings for him and want him back? Because if you don't then you really shouldn't care whether he's a liar or a fake. Let him be who he wants to be. Why do you want him to forgive you? Because you don't trust him and assumed the worst? He broke up with you, you're never going to trust him again like you did before until he earns it. Lower your expectations, don't assume anything from him. I think when he does start talking to you again, you need to explain how you respected and admired his honesty when you broke up and that the only thing you ask of him is to carry on being honest. You're not being a fool, you're not being naive, you are just accepting his reasons and not making up stories of your own and that's really difficult especially if you've been hurt. Always end an argument with an apology. If your argument did not end that way tell him that you're sorry for assuming, hope he is always honest with you etc but he has to understand that some of his actions come across as inconsiderate. tell him you have no interest in arguing with him and that when you do it's damaging to your friendship.

    • And I totally agree! But I can't seperate myself from him.. It's like I should because it's the right thing to do and I hate myself for always wanting to get him back. Yes, I did apologize.. Didn't do me any good. He just laughs and ignores my texts or calls and then I feel like the pathetic one. I just wish he can for once say sorry, that he did something wrong; but it's always my fault in his eyes.

    • Then don't be his problem. if he contacts you answer him but otherwise just let him be. I know how it feels, you can't escape, but if you just pull yourself away for a bit, let him think clearly and he'll maybe understand and contact you. the more you apologise, the more you act sorry the more he thinks you were in the wrong and of course he'll feel like he doesn't need to apologise. you've said sorry, now show him you have self-respect and he'll realise how he's overreacting.