Help! Is there any way to hide numbers I've texted from the cell phone bill?

I've got AT&T, unlimited texting, and I believe my mother opted to receive the entire bill, instead of just the bill summary.

Meaning it shows what numbers you text and what numbers text you..and when..

Is there any way to hide this information? Or delete it?

I really need to know, please.


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  • Once again, this would be committing Custodial Interference if any of us answer this question.

    I am sorry you are going to be trouble, but you need to handle this with your mother.

    You are putting people in a position that will get them in trouble, not you and that's not fair.

    Because you've decided to as an adult, I have reported this question to the moderators.

    Either stop posting this question, or I will be forced to request they remove your account.

    Asking people to commit a crime is very disrespectful and not what this site is about.

    • *sigh*

      I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, I swear.

    • Then stop asking the question.

      There are certain rules we have to abid by when it comes to minors on this site, because the nature of some of the information shared.

      We realize you are in a tight situation, but we can't help because what we say we can and will be held accountable for.

      If you want to talk about how to handle the conversation with your mother, that's one thing. But we can't help you hide anything from your parents.

    • Thanks I guess....I still don't get it or think it's fair, but I'm done asking this question

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  • Unfortunately no one here can advise you of that, because to do that would be to commit the act of custodial interference, which is a crime, and no doubt anyone that tries to field this question would be in a different state than you, making it a federal crime.

    I highly doubt anyone here is willing to risk prison for this.

    • Umm...what?

      How on earth could hiding who I text be a crime?

      I just want to text my boyfriend dammit *cries*

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    • It's not a bother, and I'm not mad.

      This is part of the learning process.

      And your parents have control over you until you turn 18. They are responsible for everything you do, and as such, if anyone does anything to alter that bond, it is considered a crime.

      We want to help out here as much as we can, but we all are subject to the laws that govern us like everyone else in the world.

    • Okay(:

      Yeah..I know she has control over me...but I don't know...I need this..and I need her not to find out..meh..I can just stick to talking to him would be soo much easier to text though.

      But I do understand why my mom has these rules..

      And I didn't know of that crime before, never heard of it.

      Thank you(:

  • I agree with WaitingAtTheDoor,so I think you should talk with ur mom about this one.



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