How to start a conversation with a girl online.

f I talk about myself I got looks. I got good business going. em one of the richest guy. but ma life is so boring. cause I don't have a single girl friend. cause I don't have a good sense of humor to flow the conversation with any girls online. sometimes f I do get any response I don't know what to say to keep the conversation going.

I also don't have tactics to handle any kinda situation I get in. I don't have unique questions as well.


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  • I guess you are asking how to flirt online and keep a conversation going?

    First of... You don't have to have unique questions. But loose all those common questions about education, occupation etc... It's just boring and doesn't say much about you as a person unless your job really is your passion. For most people a job is just a way to earn money, nothing more.

    If you want to flirt with a girl you'd want to talk about things that trigger emotions and not logic.

    Ask about their opinion on various things. Don't think about them as logical things to conquer like you do in business :) It's all about emotions when it comes to women. Trigger emotions and you trigger attraction.

    "What did you want to become when you grew up?" Can be a silly but fun question I've used a lot of times that can start a conversation going on forever... just have fun with it..

    I'll stop my ramblings now :)

    Good luck!

    • Zeeshan says! wot do you do for fun?

      mona replied! well its depend in my mood and situation wht can I do for fun and wid whom? wid cousins and frnd I always wana go for movie or jus even for endless shopping! :p


      zeeshan says! ahan ve both same alike I also do these things to hv fun as well, so wt do you do?

      mona replied! well m student, doin MBA, and now preparing myself for hectic uni routine again! u?

    • Hmph! first of all ramdan mubarik to you and your family, I won't b able to find you online then :P nwy have ma self a bacholers degree of punjab university, and then I started doing business of construction in dha after completing b. com, cause ma father had a very good busniess going of whole sale in azam market, so he gave me fortune and opurtunity to do sumthing diffrent instead of him, I dint disapoint him, and I established a very gd construction bizness own ma own MASHALLAH and these days do

    • Mona replied! ya happy fasting!

      c ya soon

      see that's what happend, now she is not willing to continue this conversation, I just want to get to know what I have done wrong here in this conversation with this girl....

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  • First of all, stop boasting about how rich and good-looking you are. Maaaajor turn-off. Ask her about herself, what she likes to do, don't worry so much about your sense of humor. But seriously, that whole "i got looks...em one of the richest guy" business is going to send most girls running. The ones that stick around are most likely the ones who only want you for your looks and your money, and who really wants to be used?

  • Well first off you say "f I talk about myself I got looks. I got good business going. em one of the richest guy. but ma life is so boring."

    You have to correct the way you are talking...not "f I talk", it should be "if I talk.' 'I got good business" it should "I have or I got a good business." 'em one of the richest guys", it should be "I am one of the richest guys."...

    You understand what I am saying?

    You say all those things but if you can't speak right do you think a girl is going to believe you?

  • Try to find a common interest with the girl and you could start front there.


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  • If you're one of the richest guys then you should have no problem picking up some books about dating and conversations. This will help give you some ideas of how to start off and build relationships and convos. The next key is to practice with girls everywhere... at the coffee shop, at the bus stop, at the mall, etc. If you really feel like spending some money you could even go so far as to hire a dating coach to help you out.

  • For starters, I'd recommend learning to speak correctly. Women don't like when guys are all in their face about stuff that they have. It makes you look stupid. Maybe go out and watch someone and how they interact with women. Just be yourself. Women can see right through a guys intentions.

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