A girl I like, likes another guy what should I do?

a girl I like, likes another guy, but he doesn't like her at all. She turned me down once already because she likes him. what should I do?


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  • She's turned you down and her interests are focused on this other guy. I think the best advice is not to do anything initiatively and accept that she doesn't want to be with you, which is hard when you witnessed her chasing after this other guy. She has made it clear and you don't want to approach her as too clingy or desparate.

    Be friendly to her and play it cool, if this other guy isn't interested in her then there might still be a chance she could look back onto being interested in you instead once she realises, but this time you need to let her make the move on you and if you can, try to be friendly to her and not distant.


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  • Even if this other guy has no interest in her, she has to find that out for herself. In the future, I would devote yourself to finding a girl that's interested in dating/a relationship with you also.