Why does he keep trying to get me mad at him?

my boyfriend always tries to make me jealous or something along that line whenever we talk like he wants me to fight another girl over him. like he asks me ?'s saying what if a girl came up to me and started to talk to me what would you do. or would you answer my phone if a girls number popped up. you know things like that its like he just wants me to get overly protective over him so the bad thing is I like him a lot and I always tell him what he wants to hear because that's seriously just me. so why does he do that even though in public its like he shows me off (I don't mind though) but its like he wants me to put a big old sign on him saying he's mine with my name on it. so do you think he just wants me to be the one wearing the pants or what?


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  • I think that he does want you to be the one wearing the trousers.


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