How to start a conversation on Facebook?


I am looking forward to find a girlfriend over Facebook. but I didn't find any good starter would you guys plz help me out?

i have the same problem but no one reply to this post...


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  • One pretty good suggestion when talking to a girl on Facebook is to keep things light. You're chatting online, not asking her to meet your parents! Girls like to talk about themselves too, so ask her questions and be (or pretend if you really don't care) to be interested in her responses. This shows that you're paying attention to her. Another strong point is grammar and spelling. The occasional typo is understandable, but if your responses to a girl you're interested in are nicely put, she'll know you put some thought into what you say to her.

    The most important thing is just to get to know her for who she is, and not just as girl number five that you want as a girlfriend. This may take time. Be patient.


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  • I would try to find someone with "mutual" friends so you can message them and be like "hey I know this maybe a little strange but how do you know bobby cause he's my cousin" or something like that. Don't ask those creepy kind of questions those like "what grade are you in, how old are you, where do you live," until later on in the conversation. Bringing those up right away can immediatly put you out there as a creeper.

  • umm just keep asking question and remember what they say so you can elaborate more on something later


    you: how old are you

    What state are you in what's there to do out there have you done that alot

    pretty much one question usually leads just read what they write and try to find a question to ask about it. and eventually you'll have a nice little convo.


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  • If you want to get a girl to like you on Facebook, you have to initiate some form of a contact. First – she has to see your profile. So you have to become Facebook Friends first. How do you become Friends? Well, either you’ll send her a request (and get the chance of being ignored) – or you’ll wait for her to contact you first.

    If you’ve met in real life before, and you made a good impression on her – it’s very likely that she’ll send you a request, or accept yours. WAIT to see whether she’ll send a Friends Request first. It’s always better if she makes a move toward you first, this way you’ll have a clue that she’s potentially interested. In case she does’t send you a friends request – you can send it first (if a couple of days have passed, so you don’t appear desperate). Add a short message, so she remembers who you are.

    In case you never met before – it will be less likely that she’ll even notice your existence, let alone send you a Friends request. Let’s say you send her a request and she accepts (I’ll tell you more about this later) – now, she can see your Facebook Profile, and that’s it. You need to get her to like you somehow before you make contact, so you’ll have a better initial reaction. If you f*** things up in the beginning when picking up girls on Facebook, it’s hard to get out of the crap. So start good and it will be easier to close the deal.

    So, how do you get her to like you, and then end up having sex with her? Here are some general Facebook sex tips:

    First - find out as much about her as possible. YES – I’m saying SPY on her. Who is she, where is she from, what does he like, is she popular, what does she do most of the time. Analyze her Facebook Profile – but DO NOT initiate contact in any form (besides sending a Friends Request). The fact that she accepted you is already a plus. Now find out: did she accept your Friends Request because you seemed interesting to her (you had a good Profile) OR she accepts everyone that sends her a request so that she can feed her ego? How many friends does she have? What does she want out of life? There are many things you can conclude just from a few days of OBSERVING her. Observing and being patient is KEY. It’s better to be prepared for “battle” than to go Rambo-f***ing-insane on her.

    Second – Now that you know something about her, you can work on creating a more attractive Facebook Profile. Your profile is your MAIN weapon of seduction. If your profile SUCKS it will be a lot harder to get her interested in chatting with you, and, eventually, having sex. So work on your profile. Figure out how other people perceive you. What does your profile communicate about you? How do OTHER girls treat you? Do you look successful, or fake? Be REAL. And check out link for more tips

  • Say hello and let the conversation flow.

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