Is he feeling me or is he just being a man?

I have been liking this particular guy for five years. In grade school we were best friends and that's were all the feelings come in. I tried to stop liking him but as you know we can't control our feelings. But once we got in college we had sex. I mean he kissed me and from that moment I have been crazy. He kisses seem so real and meaningful all while were having sex he stares into my eyes. We don't talk on the phone but if we want to know something we text. I really like him, Am I feeling like he like me because that's what I want or does he really? He told me when we were younger he had feeling for me, are they gone or is it possible that they are still there?Do you think he likes me or is he just being a man? Or Do all men kiss during sex or is it a purpose behind those wonderful kisses?


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  • He is just being a man.


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