How to hug for the first time/get him to hug you?

okay so the guy i like (we're very good friends by the way (also been getting closer lately hell yeah), and are in the same friend group with 3 other ppl) supposedly likes me back. i get the occasional doubt as to whether or not he likes me, but there's a good chance its true. anyways, were both really shy when it comes to flirting, and we've barely come close to breaking the touch barrier. we high five all the time, and if were sitting beside/across each other, were always bumping/brushing legs. i also once had my head on his shoulder for 10 mins but he didn't do anything (but he wasn't uncomfortable either, we continued to bump knees and chat normally). how do i hug him or at least get him to hug me? weve never hugged.
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also let it be known that the friend group is 4 girls (myself included) + him. there used to be another guy but he's kind of an asshole he got voted off the island. hugging between the #gals is normal and also it happens all the time, but the only time hugs have ever come close to happening (between me and him, and between him and the other girls) is like, group hugs (which are rare anyways). so "hugging him as if he were any other friend" doesn't really work only bc "any other friend" is a girl
How to hug for the first time/get him to hug you?
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