If your girlfriend likes another guy?

well, me and my girlfriend love each other and we get along when were together, well, except some little fights, but when were away from each other we fight over stupid sh*tt. like her sitting with other guys, and not texting me back, and her telling little lies that make me mad even though there not a big deal. but the guy she sits with likes her and I always knew it and now she knows it and she liked him b4 and he liked her b4 and told her that he don't anymore but now she knows that he likes her again(actually he never stopped liking her ) and now she thinks she is starting to like him, she don't know if she do or not, and we live an hour away and she goes to school with him, she said that sometimes I'm really nice to her and some times I'm mean, she said I'm " hot and cold " and she said she loves me and wants to be with me but she's starting to like him, and I really really love her lots and I never want to loose her, and I know its half my fault for pushing her away. but what can I do? how can we fix this? she don't know for sure if she likes him but she think she do and she said she wants to talk to him and sit with him on the bus, so I said ok even though it kills me inside, cause I think that talking to him will make it worse for me and her, but she don't think it will, I was nice and calm and we got along good in the end of the phone call and we both said we loved each other and she said she loved me lots, and she said she loves how I takes charge and says, "i love you and I know you love me " and she said she think s it ' cute " so it seems good I guess and really hope so, but she still is starting to get feeling for him and I need to know what to do and how to handle it, and not get mad and not to push her away, and if she don't like him how can I keep her mine, and not be mean cause I love her and I love being with her and around her and talking to her, should I just leave her alone and let them be friends and hope for the best? or should I say " no " to them hanging out? I think she needs space, " like I gotta stop crowding her, but not time apart, cause that's bad? right? if she likes another guy, we can't spend time apart? that would only make it worse? I really need help on this one and I need it now


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  • When you have a girlfriend that has a good friend that is a guy it is one of the hardest things to deal with. Most guys are not comfortable with it, I personally don't believe in telling my girlfriend she can't be friend's with a guy though. A relationship needs trust, and if you don't want to push her away you need to tell her that even though you are uncomfortable with it you trust her to be able to be just friends with a guy. Showing that you trust her will really help your situation. Don't just tell her your ok with it though. You want her to know you are uncomfortable with it but you trust her enough to not worry about it. It's something tough because your not close to her at school and all but there is not much you can do. I really hope everything goes good with you and your girl. You seem to love her a lot and as long as there is that connection on both sides I think you guys will do just find.

    • Thanks, I really think this will help :) I do trust her, although I tell her I dont, I don't know why, its just I'm a dummie when it comes to relationships, I dotn want to lose her, and I want her to have friends but I don't want her to like(like like ) this guy, I want her to love me and only me, so ill try just telling her that I trust her , btu she already likes him, or thinks she's starting to, did you ever be put in this situtation?