How to get away from my cockblocking friends?

I have a group of 6 guy friends that I hang out with 24/7. I tend to make friends with guys very easily and they consider me a bro. I don't have a problem with this because I really hate girls. ( I know, I'm weird, but that is a different issue) Anyway, because I am a "bro", they tend to talk to me about girls and I give them great advice. But they refuse to accept the fact that I need advice too and that I get crushes also! They act like big brothers, but they are the only close friends I have.
Anyway on to my actual question! Recently I have introduced a new guy into our group and I am slightly interested in him and I think he is interested too. But we only hang out when we are with the whole group and I can't be too flirty cause the rest of the guys will say "put your boobs away" "stop being so girly" "wow you have makeup on today anyone special?" "why do you laugh so much as "Crush"s jokes?" "you guys were basically cuddling during that movie..." THEY ARE SO ANNOYING AND ITS GETTING SO HARD TO DO ANYTHING FLIRTY!! How can I make it clear to them that they need to stop without telling them I am interested in "crush"? I CANNOT just flat out tell them because I know that it will make the whole situation worse!
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This whole group of people including me and "crush" live in the same dorm. We hang out in the cafe and different tv lounges together all the time! I have in the past hung out with only him, but now my friends are his friends too and they will come into the lounge if they see us or insist we come to theirs! The only alone time we get is really late night studying in cafe because we are both insomniacs
How to get away from my cockblocking friends?
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