Is it drunk dialing season? Guys, what makes you suddenly drunk text someone?

Recently I've gotten two drunk texts out of nowhere. First, an ex friends with benefits texted me at 3am after ignoring me for over a month. That may not seem crazy considering we were friends with benefits , but he knows that I would never just answer a booty call and rush to his home, even if we were still a thing. Since he had the nerve to ask I knew he was drunk. He then confessed that he had been drinking. He told me he had been busy, then immediately tried to schedule me in for the next evening. I was kinda happy just to hear from him, because I do miss him, and we were working on being platonic, but I was also annoyed, because it was 3am. He had to know I was not going to come over, so what the hell was he thinking? I just told him goodnight. The next day he told me that something came up, and that he really wanted to see me, but couldn't. I expected as much, figured he got sober an realized what he did, plus I never planned on going over anyway. Seriously, what was he thinking?

Then I get another text from a friend I haven't seen in a while. I knew he had a crush on me, but I never gave him any indication that I liked him back (I don't). I could tell right away he was drunk by how crazy his texts looked. He was relentless about me coming to meet him. Again, he knows this is not happening, so why try? Liquid courage? Why seemingly out of nowhere too?

Anybody else drunk text people randomly like this? I've sent other kinds of drunk texts (usually funny, sometimes angry) but not random booty call type texts. What were they thinking (since knowing me they would know that the bootycall thing would be futile)? Are these confessions that they can only do because they drank a lot? Are they just bored and harassing at random? Do people ever say "Yeah sure, I'm on my way" after a text like that? If not, what's the point?
Is it drunk dialing season? Guys, what makes you suddenly drunk text someone?
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