I've got to ask: what the hell is going on between him and I?

I know it's cliché, but it been really bothering me. Sorry!
Where do I start? This one guy (that I've liked for a while) has been acting like he likes me, but I'm trying to be very careful about if I make a move.
Sadly, we don't talk. We used to be good friends, but he went to a different school and we just drifted apart. Now, we have some classes together, and with that, our "past relationahip" resumed.
For what he's been doing, I'll just put it in a list.
-He's been talking about me. I don't know if it was good or bad
-His friends (well one girl in particular) looks at me a lot and try to be friendly towards me despite that I've never met them before.
-He eavesdrops on my conversations with friends
-He STARES! And glances at me a lot
-He sabotaged himself (if that makes sense?) Once, asked for help, and looked at me, when just at that moment the teacher did.
We do have a mutual friend, and I told her I liked him. Is it possible she told him?
My friend is pressuring me into talking to him, but I don't want to until he does first. Should I suck it up and talk to him first? Does it sound like he is trying to make a move or something?
I've got to ask: what the hell is going on between him and I?
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