Is he interested or just shy?

This guy transferred to my school and I remember when he walked in we immediately made eye contact. It was just a blank stare from both of us but I do that a lot on accident to people lol. He doesn't really talk to many people in class at all, usually just puts his earphones in and checks out. When I walked into class last week I saw him eating Nutella with a metal kitchen spoon and i started laughing. Out teacher put us and 3 other people together in a group and he sat next to me. Our group started off not talking but I saw him eating the nutellla secretively and asked why he has a kitchen spoon and he defensively said "i'm so sorry I don't have plastic spoons at home" and i said "you do you man" and he nodded his head and laughed. Eventually me him and this other girl started talking but he mainly talked to me. Later we had to write notes but he didn't want to so when the teacher turned his back he would take a picture and I said the teacher would take his phone up jokingly and he "said fuck you you're gonna jinks me" somewhat jokingly. Our teacher was being really rude so when he'd say something him, me and the other girl would whisper funny comments but he only spoke to me when we did that. Then the ceiling light nearly fell on our table and I almost fell into his lap...
He doesn't and didn't really make effort to talk to anyone but I got a pretty good conversation out of him so I don't know if he's just shy in general or is interested. by the way we are seniors in high school.
Is he interested or just shy?
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