Was he actually interested in my friend?

I went out last night with a group and my friend and I met these two guys. We were all hanging out and talking and I thought one of the guys was cute but that he wanted to talk to my friend because it seemed that he was talking to her more. I ran into an old guy friend and gave him my number. Another friend said the guy saw me doing this and looked hurt. He brought it up when he saw me after saying to me how the guy is a player and I should delete my #. He then brought it up again later. I explained to him it wasn't like that. My friend ended up hitting it off with his friend and the 4 of us hung out after but he wasn't talking to me much. I gave him my # and he texted me after he dropped me off at my car with just his name. He hasn't texted me much today even though I've been texting him so now I don't think he's all that interested. I'm used to more aggressive guys so not sure what to look for here!
Was he actually interested in my friend?
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