Possibly watching a movie alone together?

me and the guy i like (who probably likes me back, also we are very good friends, regardless or "romantic feelings") are likely gonna watch one or two movies once exams are over. we haven't made concrete plans, and it may end up being not just the 2 of us (but if other people come, it will be our 2 friends, who will encourage/give us space to make moves lmao so thats not a problem). both of us are pretty shy, weve gone to the movies once before (just the two of us) but nothing happened. what are some things i can do if were sitting next to each other on a couch watching a movie (were watching the first lotr movie bc he's never seen any lotr and i fucking love lotr)? let it be known that were both 16 lmao not 35
Possibly watching a movie alone together?
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