Shirtless picture for a shirtless picture?

OK... so the woman I'm seeing (currently long distance) has now sent me semi-nude pictures of herself without my asking for the second time (don't bother guys, I will never show them to anyone). Although she hasn't asked, I'm thinking of responding in kind, but I'm not a whole lot to look at. Six feet, chest hair, but at the low end of healthy weight. Thin arms. I'm no body builder; "lanky" is the word that comes to mind. She hasn't seen me shirtless yet.

I want to reciprocate her gesture, but I'd rather not come across as douchey. I've never even attempted to photograph myself in a mirror before.

Getting to the point. Ladies, yes or no? Jeans, belt, no shirt. I'm guessing posture and facial expression would be key here, any advice is appreciated. Look straight into the lens or off to the side? Smile, smirk, somber, disinterested, blinking? Stand at an angle to downplay the noodly arms or face straight ahead in all my untoned glory? Draw a happy face on my abs with shaving cream? OK, maybe not that one.

No dick pics.
Go for it!
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There are other gestures you could make.
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Dis gon b gud *chews popcorn loudly*
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She liked it. :)
Shirtless picture for a shirtless picture?
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