Why do men seem to repel from me?

Why do men repel from me? I believe I have a lot of attributes to offer. Not to come across vain, but I get regularly told that I look like Amber Heard, I am a natural blonde and blue eyes-people say I am stunning. I dress the opposite of provocatively but I am more than happy to dress provocatively at home for my boyfriend. I am well travelled and can speak a few different languages pretty well. I have a sense of humour according to men and I get told I have a feisty, bold personality. I am studying Medicine, and men that are studying similar degrees seem to be attracted to me but not the ‘average joe’, which is what I want. I don’t ‘party’ too much, I prefer thrilling things in life, or a nice holiday somewhere, but I do like to have fun. I am someone who avoids drama as much as possible etc. As soon as men start to get to know me, they pull away. Is it my confidence? Is it because I dress well? Is it because I come from a ‘wealthy’ family? It’s almost like as soon as they don’t know me from a bar of soap, there full attention is there, but once they know what my parents do for example, or what I’m studying, or where I’ve been, they pull away and in an obvious way. Why? Am I too much of a domesticated female? I am not trying to appear better than I am, because if I were to do that, I would be wasting your and my time.
Why do men seem to repel from me?
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