Guys, imagine that this really popular girl likes you?

Not to sound arrogant, I'm really popular. It's mostly because in my major I'm one of the only girls and stuff. Like, I get asked out every other day by different guys. So I became very picky.

Then I met this guy, average looking and average popular (kind of a geeky type) but I fell head over heels in love with him. He's really different from the others because he seemed very sure of himself and he always used to joke about how good looking he was, and how he'd make a great husband for me and other slightly sexual things (but in a not offensive way)

So at some point I started letting him know that I was interested by initiating text and Facebook contact. He responded positively and we spent like 3-4 hours chatting nonstop on several occasions.

But at some point he started sounding really nervous, like adding lol after every sentence that might suggest that he likes me, and being a bit more cautious (like no more compliments on himself) and it feels like he's becoming more withdrawn. It feels like he's all of a sudden become really polite. But he still initiates chats (we're about 50-50 atm) and ends every chat with "talk to you soon" so i don't think her lost interest. is it possible that he's gotten shy? Am I intimidating him because we'd be such an unlikely couple?

I really miss the old guy that I knew, and this new guy makes me a bit nervous because it's not as obvious that he likes me anymore. I miss having arguments about why I should give him a kiss and other silly things like that.
Guys, imagine that this really popular girl likes you?
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