Why has his texting become blunt and short?

So I was seeing this guy for about 3 months all up, we didn't catch up that much as I was very busy, however he would ask to see me most weekends and invite me to events. I met most of his friends, and family members. He would hold my hand in public, and kiss me on the cheek. We talked about anything, from cars to family and he would ask me lots of questions and seem very interested, and listened to me as well. Whenever we caught up, if his friends were around, he wouldn't act different or leave anywhere, and he his attention wouldn't be on other girls. He would always make sure I got home safely and thank me for an enjoyable night. He would send photos of me to his friends too. I hadn't slept with him, but he would sometimes hint at having sex. He invited me to something on new years but I couldn't go as I was away, he seemed to have gotten annoyed and became really short with me over text. That night, he texted me obviously drinking making no sense, and repeating himself. He sent me a happy new year text but I didn't reply. There has been no contact since then.
Why has his texting become blunt and short?
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