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Will his feelings ever come back?

Soooo...first time ever posting anything,so please bear with me ;)

My ex and I met almost 3 years ago,he was absolutely perfect in every way,everything I ever wanted and more,he eventually moved in with myself and my 2 kids,whom he walked in and took full responsibility for,and when things were good we were very in love...well needless to say,i was nowhere near ready for a serious relationship. I had other previous bf,but none that I ever cared for like this. I was pretty emotionally f@@@ed up back then ( for various reasons) and didn't really know it yet...pretty much I associated jealousy with love,and insanely thought that however mad and jealous I made him was how much he loved me! so I'd go around talking to guys on MySpace,email,text etc. and the more he acted like he didn't care,the more I stepped it up. I pretty much did everything in my power to make him think I was cheating,but never really did. somewhere along the way I started verbally abusing him when I felt unloved ,not really realizing he was pulling away due to how horrible I was to him. I called him names,slapped him,put him down constantly,nagging about every tiny little thing. I was pretty much hands down the epitome of the nightmare gf. we fought a lot,he'd leave or id kick him out...never lasting more than 2 weeks,id promise change or he'd just come back on his own...then finally in the early of this june ,we were camping,he wanted to leave the night we were supposed to,because he had work the next day,i refused so he had to take my car and drive home,we got in a huge fight,he said it was over,he doesn't love me anymore,i broke his heart over and over again,he can't live in hell anymore etc etc. so he went and stayed with his cousin,only stopping by to see the kids every other day,at first I left it alone,then I just went out of control with the begging and texting,i love you's, I'm sorry's etc. (didn't help) he said he wants to believe I've changed,but he's scared to let me in again. so,fast forward to a month later,we talk,he agrees to move back in "for the kids" . we've talked,he says he's not in love with me anymore,he has 0 feelings,that I broke his heart too many times and he doesn't trust me at all. I've done everything in my power to turn things around,he says I've gotten a lot better, I'm seeing a counselor. I am actually trying and changing everything that was horrible,instead of just giving him empty promises...my question is,could he ever love me again? or do you think he might still ,under all that hurt,resentment and anger? I would do anything for him,and am SO scared I've lost him for good,just when I finally realized how badly I messed up :( it's now been 3 months,and he still feels nothing...it sucks that it took me losing him to wake the f up,but its even worse with him living here,and holding out hope for him to love me again...I've done everything I can do ,to try to redeem myself,and I am fully aware I don't deserve another chance,but yet I still hold out hope :( any guys ever fall out of love with a girl because she hurt you,and would you have loved her again had she changed?
Will his feelings ever come back?
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