How do I make chances to talk to him?

So there's this guy I like who's very quiet. He doesn't talk to many people except his friends. He is in my homeroom, language arts class, math class, and chorus class. We have schedule changes next week that will take us both out of chorus but we will then be in the same P. E. class. My mom knows his mom from work and his mom said he likes a girl in our grade but won't tell her who it is. This is the same guy I described in my last question (lol) I got some advice to talk to him more so I coulc get to know him better, and last week I actually sent him an anonymous note that said "you really should talk more... Someone you probably won't suspect might wanna get to know you." He, like normal, still isn't talking much, especially not to girls, including me. I want to talk to him so I can get to know him and possibly get him to like me, but I don't know when is the best time. I only see him in school and can't meet him outside of it, so how can I talk to him, or even start a conversation just a little? (And it's pretty hard... I'm mostly a confident girl but I have a LOT of trouble talking to cute guys)
How do I make chances to talk to him?
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