Mixed feelings and a almost-kiss… god I need help?

sooo, yesterday I went on this party meeting a handsome boy from my math class. As he held my hands and talked flirty to me he grabbed his hands around my waist and started pushing me slowly (... and professional, as if he had done it a lot before) towards him.

I am 18 years old and have never kissed anyone before. As our conversation developed to be more flirty (without kissing ) the other people at the part started smiling and said to each other "he is hitting on her". I started blushing.

Anyways, i felt so nervous and felt that even though he was, as the other girls said to me after the party, constantly stroking my back and made me, for once feel a little bit loved, I freaked out. In a discretely way I disappeared.

what do you think? that he was just using me for a hook up? What should I do the next time I see him in class or at a party?
Mixed feelings and a almost-kiss… god I need help?
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