Is she flirting, or is she just being polite?

For the last four months, I've been working as a barista at a playground/coffee shop hybrid - sounds ridiculous, but I get to dress as Pluto every now and then. Because of the setting, I'm literally the only male working there and it really helped me get over any remnants of shyness I had inside me.

Anyway, to the point. About three weeks ago, they hired a really cute girl. We work separate posts: she cares for the children and I, well, make beverages but the shop is small so there's a lot of interaction. Most girls are a bit biased towards her -they think she is dumb- but I didn't give in to the propaganda and approached her from the first day. Turns out, she might be flirting with me.

She definitely likes me as a person, that's a given. Now it might just be my idea, but while she looks confident, it seems like she loses her words when she talks to me. Also, it seems like she finds excuses to approach me every time I look at her. One day she was obviously sick. I went close and asked her what's wrong, and all of a sudden she starts complaining harder; I head to the kitchen behind the bar, and two minutes later she comes in, arms tied, she meows like a kitten and... leans on the counter head first. It looked a bit exaggerated to tell you the truth. Another day, I step in the shop for my shift, she was sitting on a couch preparing some projects, and while there was another empty couch, she stepped aside and invited me to sit next to her, all the while stating how she loves it that I'm the one working the shift. When I mentioned that I practice martial arts, she said that her boyfriend does too, but didn't seem too fond about it. The next day, the couch thing happened again, and the first thing she told me was "I broke up with the boxer".

I'm really confused. It's not like we know each other for a good while to already be friends, so it must be flirt. On the other hand, I'm the one who treats her the best. Opinions?
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PS: Please, don't give me a lecture about dating a coworker. First, the job is part-time, and as for the woman that runs it, she actively encouraged me to date one of the girls there in the past. I can handle it.
Is she flirting, or is she just being polite?
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