About a guy! im 16 he's 20. Does it sound like just wants sex?

I was hangouting with this guy im 16 he's 20. We hang out before and he flirted with me that time and the second time we hang out. The first two times he would call me baby and ****. But last night when i was with him he kept asking me "what do you want out of this" I was really confused on what he was asking. But then he was saying he would hookup with me but he didn't want to go to jail and we would have to keep it a secret. He is really nice. but he is also know as a player. HE also knows my brother and he was freaking out about that. When we were other person car he was laying on me and stuff and he unzipped his jacket and he put me inside of it and put his arm around me. WHen we got back in his car he asked if i ever had sex or gave head or if i would give him head. Does it sound like just wants sex? I kinda feel thats all he's after but he said he wished i was older like 18 and then things would be ok. you think he just wants fwb? He also said he didn't need girls because his last girlfriend was crazy. He said girls aren't everything. But he's really nice he kept asking me if felt unconformable he would take me back to my car he didn't try anything but he did touch my leg. I feel like he would want a realtionship with me but he scared of my age. WHat do you think. Does it sound like he just want sex? I mean he didn't even try to kiss me. When i left he gave me a high five. Im so confused. helpp ME
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first two times we hang out he didn't even talk about sex. we were with people the first two times. We hang out in like November He doesn't have my number or anything my friend know his friend and they were texting But my friend was texting that guy of his friend and he said he really liked me and he could see us together and that he just wanted to hang out with me and him. but i found that really funny because he never even tried to get my number to anything
About a guy! im 16 he's 20. Does it sound like just wants sex?
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