My crush said I am "cute" and "mysterious" what do you guys think?

I am 19 and my crush is 19 as well. I've been liking this girl for couple of months now. I am a type of a guy who makes people laugh, being positive around people and friendly. I actually have a lot of upper-class friends, a lot of people know me and they actually want me to nominate as the "best freshman of the year", so i guess i have some reputation in the school. Additionally, I am an average looking guy, who has some relationship experiences, and I am 5 foot 7. My crush is Ms. Independent, very beautiful, and a lot of guys chase her. Very stylish, and committed to her studies for now due to the fact that she says she is ambitious. I've been taking/chatting with her for a while casually for 2 - 3 times a week, but I always have to start a conversation :\ We talk about some ordinary, funny stuff, and sometimes some really deep philosophy things. Recently, I had a chance to talk with her alone during a lunch break. I was "studying" with my notes, but I couldn't concentrate lol Then we started talking stuff and at one point I asked her what's her impression of me. Then she replied that I am cute and mysterious. As she said that I blushed, then replied to her that she is actually mysterious as well, and she is one of those miss independent woman. After that we kept n talking until the next class time. I suck at flirting I know lol, but can this mean anything? Or am I just being Mr. Brightside now, and taking this as a sign? P. S I gave her few signs but I don't know if she knows that I am interested on her.
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My crush said I am "cute" and "mysterious" what do you guys think?
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