I cuddled with my classmate - what now?

My friend spooned me all night - he asked if he could sleep beside me, then held me tight, looking into my eyes all night and whispering 'my love' when he thought I was asleep. Nothing happened - he didn't try and kiss me, we just lay with our mouths close all night. We were both a bit drunk, so maybe it meant nothing. I do love him, though. In the morning, he just stared at his phone and I stared out the window. How do we ever move on and what does this mean? I'm new at all this.. Do you guys think he just needed some kind of emotional bonding that night or does he like me a bit?
I'm quite inteoverted as well so all we ever do at school is looking at each other while sometimes smiling. I'm afraid we're trouble, though - and we haven't been talking that much lately. I'm afraid of letting him slip away not knowing how I feel
I cuddled with my classmate - what now?
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