Am I being used? And is he player?

So me and this guy we are quite good friends, and basically we have been flirting a bit and we have sent picture of our self in underwear like twice, that's the only (I think) 'inappropriate' thing we have done. its not bad it's not like I got naked or slept with him or what ever, it's like a bikini shot on holiday? But I know he isn't a player for sure but I'm not sure if he is using me just to see my figre? But yet i have taken so many quizzes and done so much research and they all say he isn't using me and he isn't a player and that he actually is just growing a crush on me, but I want to see what u think. But I think he like me because we talk all day everyday, if I'm in trouble he will help me, if I'm crying or in a bad mood he will cheer me up, he has invited me round his house, and to go out somewhere. And i have noticed loads of signs that he likes me and were really good friends but just because we sent pictures does that mean he is using me?
Am I being used? And is he player?
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