I just wrote this to my crush... is it ok?

this is the thing i wrote

"hey victoria. this is a fake profile but with a real person behind it. i dont know if you remember me, the last time we spoke was maybe 3 to 4 years ago. i waned to contact you because i always wanted to say something to you. i feel like im running out of time since graduation was 2 years ago. i have always had a crush on you. i just knew you would never want to be with a guy like me. i know Facebook is the worst way to contact someone but i never see you. the only way to contact you is Facebook. i think your extremely pretty, great hair, love your eyes and your smile is... no words. my dream would be for us to talk and be friends or hang out or something. i dont know if you go to the gym but i would definitely want to do a workout at the gym with you. i would try so hard to impress you. the last time we spoke i think was class. you were nice. thats why im attracted to you. your attractive and you are sweet. i think when we spoke i asked you about I don't know what we did last classs because i was out and you helped me. this could be the worst thing to do in me writing you a long message or whatever. but in person i am great. lol. i wanted to take this risk. i can't ask that you reply but i pray that you do."
I just wrote this to my crush... is it ok?
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