Maybe I can get another persons opinion?

im 22 and i have a neighbor who is a 14 year old girl. I've know her for a while she used to come over for family and friend bbq along with her family when we were younger. when i was 20 i left my cali and stayed at my aunties in hawaii for 2 years and a half. now that i moved back how ever it is really obvious that she has become really sexual and is openly telling me how hot i look whenever she catches me working out in my garage. but now her sexuality is intensifying frequently, jokingly making sexual gestures and remarks towards me. but now she's just straight said it, "Common you know i want you, and I'm not gonna tell anyone" only problem is i actually do kinda find her attractive but i know its wrong and not sure what to do.
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Ashe is now 15 and we ended up hooking up, my god she's tight. Hope this doesn't bite me in the ass
Maybe I can get another persons opinion?
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