Tips for job interview?

So the other day there was a career fair at my school. I was able land a interview with bmw and ford for summer internships. These are engineering internships (since im a engineering major) I had a coworker last year who had a interview with bmw (marketing department) and told me that there are three interviewers and its very intimidating. I've never been in an interview with 3 people lol. Is there anything I can do in the interview to make myself stand out, besides dressing nice and flashing my resume around.

Some info about me to consider:
-Asian, 20, sophomore, 3.7 gpa
-Only had 3 jobs: janitor at hotdog factory lol, event set up person at a sculpture park, and supervisor at school dining hall
-involved in two groups: viet student association and American red cross. Im also looking to rush a fraternity.
-Love motorcycles and a enthusiast for sport cars
Tips for job interview?
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