Did I blow it with her?

A few weeks ago it was the end of high school and I still didn't have a proper conversation with my crush (I'm quite shy, but overcoming it). I am not coming into excessive details here, the important part is: even though she does not know me well (not even my name for that matter), she knows I exist, as we've had some group conversations with common friends already. I knew her name, but I dont think she knew that.
As I thought we would never meet again, I sent her a Facebook request, so that, if she accepted, we could meet ourselves better. In the end, she refused it. I didn't take it personally, since she does not have many people added and it could be a sign that she actually only accepted her real friends, so I just said to myself "good try" and went up to get over it. But I've just discovered that she is going to the same university AND course as me, so perhaps I could meet her properly. But, then I began to think if the request made her think I was some a stalker or something.

Do you think she could've found it strange, or am I taking this whole thing too seriously?
Did I blow it with her?
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