Why does my girl do this?

Ok she's not my girl, but we work together. We went back and forth for the longest time. She has a serious boyfriend so we have never done anything. I think at one point we were close to telling each other maybe how we felt but no one ever stepped up, ok fine. So now we work in the same department. We have gone through periods of time where I was ignoring her trying to stay away form her. She will pull little moves when I ignore her for long periods, and I can always predict these moves. Things like calling in sick to events that we will both see each other at face to face for example. One meeting a few months ago, I had been not talking to he for quite some time. I expected her to not even show up to the meeting honestly but she did. Then she spent the majority of they meeting playing with her hair looking out of the corner of her eye to see if I was paying attention, I wasn't. Then I finally glanced over and she quickly looked at me then gets up and leaves in the middle of the meeting.

So I haven't talked to her in over a week. We had a presentation meeting thing yesterday. I expected her to not show up, like call in sick or go home early sick. So then in the meeting she gets up and leaves, she kept looking to see if I was paying attention on her way out. Then I told myself "watch" and sure enough on her way out she spins around to shut the door and look over at me for my reaction. I can totally call this stuff.

What is this? Why does she do these things and why do I know it's coming?
Why does my girl do this?
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