Guys, how should I make the first move?

There is this guy at work who stares, smiles, says hi numerous times even if he just said it 2 minutes ago, seems like he makes it a point to talk to me every time he sees me. He locks his eyes on mine and gives me a a long mysterious look, or sometimes just grins and stares. I feel like I could make the first move, but how should I do this?
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Just to add, he does tease me a lot, and we are friends. We game together in the PS4 world, and of course I find him very attractive, and he is a very kind guy. His personality is great, and we get along well, it's just his staring/glaring, grinning, teasing, and constant requests of attention from me, a lot of people have told me to go for it, and make a move. Thanks for your input!
Guys, how should I make the first move?
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