Such a player... right?

This guy has been my friends with benefits for quite a long time. I broke contact 8 months ago because he was uninterested and seeing other women at a time.
He contacted me again before Christmas. We met but I denied to had sex at that time. We still chatted, mostly hi contacting me and wanting me to meet.
I was drunk yesterday so I invited him to come over. We had sex. Passionate, hot.
Some of the things he told me:
-te amo
-love you
-I'm in the same boat as you, we are both broken
-you're awesome
-I'm very attracted to you
-I never know what to expect of you, you're full of surprises
- blah blah blah

After sex he stayed and we liked and kissed.
Overall it were 5 hours together.
This morning he texted he was sorry he made me stay until late and that I must hate him.

Me: no reply, I didn't even read his text, so he hasn't received the notification of me reading his text.
I've been online on a dating site we both visit but he's been offline all day.

This guy is a player and wants me to fall for him again. But I want to play him this time, since I really don't care what he might think. He's very sensitive and probably hurt by me not replying to his text. Or not? What do you guys think?
Such a player... right?
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