Why is it so difficult to get laid?

I've asked tons of women if they want to have sex and never gotten a positive response, yet they continue to insist talking to them is the key.

Ladies write a short script about what a guy needs to say and when to have sex with you please. If this is too hard, just think about the last guy you had sex with and write the first five things he said to you. It would mean so much to me!
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What's with all the facetious answers and attempts to waste my time?

If you're looking for a serious relationship that's fine but I am not. What's wrong with just wanting to enjoy sex and just sex? My life is way too busy to try to get to know anyone intimately or go searching for Ms. Right but that doesn't mean I have no sex drive or that masturbation is adequate, am I the only one that feels this way or is everyone on this site deeply lonely, and or just judgmental?
Why is it so difficult to get laid?
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