Am I in the wrong for this about a guy I was 'seeing'?

This guy and I had been seeing each other for roughly 3 months, in which I was introduced to his friends and family. He would ask to see me most weekends and invite me to events. I remember this one time we were out, and I was talking to another guy and he asked who it was, in a seemingly jealous way and that night asked who I was on the phone to once I had ended a call (which was my mother). He would hold my hand and put his arm around my waist when directing me to somewhere. He would act the same when I was around with his friends. We only kissed. We would talk about everything and I definitely sensed he felt comfortable around me, and he listened to me. Around Christmas he was telling me that he missed me. Time went on, and we didn’t speak for a bit, just snap chatted each other. He became randomly blunt. I am moving away for about a year, he said he would come and visit me. While I was away on holiday, he religiously kept asking when I am going to be back. We carried on talking, and he told me he missed me again and even ‘jokingly’ mentioned he wouldn’t mind if I were the woman of his house one day, he talked about what he would like his house to look like. Next couple of days he teased me about one night when we were out that I was so drunk, but in an almost rude way. I told him jokingly, to shut up and he didn’t text me for about 4-5 days. Because I haven’t seen him in about a month-to months, I sort of assumed everything had fizzled out. I started to see a guy who I’ve known for a while, and a few weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend. Anyway, this guy and I uploaded a photo together and this guy that I was ‘seeing’ send me a photo of his abs. Unfortunately my boyfriend reacted badly and said something slightly rude to him. I sent this guy a message apologizing and explaining the situation that I felt it was going no where. He replied saying he hopes we could stay friends.
Am I in the wrong for this about a guy I was 'seeing'?
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